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Preterist Radio came to my mind in the middle of September of 2009. By October 15, 2009 we officially had a stream up and running 24/7. After working out all of the bugs and technicalities, live interviews and teaching programs began being aired a month later. We officially launched the station on November 30, 2009 and it was the beginning of what would be one of the most successful ventures of my life. Teachers like Al Persohn, Larry Siegle, Don Preston, William Bell, Sam Frost, Mike Sullivan, David Curtis, David Green, Ed Hassertt, Alan Bondar, Jeremiah Thompson, Jeremy Defrehn, Gary Parrish, John Noe, Ed Stevens and Brian Davis began joining me every week on the air. Of course there were many others that would join us from time to time like Tim Martin, Jeff Vaughn, Joseph Vincent, Ward Fenley, Tami Jelinek, Mike Zeman and many more too numerous to list.

It was an incredibly fun project to embark upon. But it was also difficult at times having to moderate so many different variations within the fulfilled teaching world. One thing that became clear very quickly was that there really isn't a monolithic understanding or interpretation of preterism. But that shouldn't be surprising. We all see things through our own life experiences that ultimately color the way we interpreted the Bible specifically and life in general.

Michael J. Loomis

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